How to retrieve your forgotten Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN)?

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Forgot TIN

Due to your busy lifestyle, you might forget your TIN (Tax Identification Number) or you might lost a copy of it.
And here you are, you need your TIN. Here are two (2) simple options you need to do to recover or get your TIN:
Option 1
Using your phone, you can call BIR Contact Center (02) 981-8888. A BIR representative will answer your call. Get ready to answer some few questions for identity verification. Please be polite upon talking to the BIR representative. BIR has strict rules on taxpayer confidentiality.

Option 2
Go to a nearest BIR Revenue District Office (RDO). If you do not know where your BIR office is, ask your neighbors or friends. They’ll be happy to answer your simple question “Where’s the BIR office?”. Remember to bring a valid ID (Government-issued ID’s or company ID). And also bring any of your supplementary ID’s (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.) just for sure. BIR may need these documents for identity verification. Remember, BIR has strict rules on taxpayer’s confidentiality.

How Important TIN is?
TIN is used for tax purposes. Some banks may require it. LTO requires it especially for applying for Professional Driver’s License. A stock broker may require it if you want to invest in stocks. When you establish a business with proper permit, TIN is required. The BIR uses your TIN to document and file every tax you pay.

As of this date, BIR has no online retrieval or online recovery of TIN. Online recovery of TIN will truly speed-up the transactions and can save manpower and money.

Do you want BIR to implement TIN online recovery? What do you think?


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