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Ref:Medlyn Almeda GF Surveillance & Background Check

Note: In respect to Non Disclosure Agreement with our clients, We only published contact info with our Client’spermissions. Other than that, the rest are confidential.

Dear Richard,

I would like to personally thank you for your efforts in discovering the truth about my dishonest girlfriend. It is good to know that there is a honest professional like you that can swiftly eliminate those unsettling questions and doubts involved in a long distance relationship.

To those of you that just feel something might be astray with your future bride from the Philippines, I highly recommend enlisting the service of Filipino Investigator. They have the resources available to them that you do not, as a foreigner and will give you the the truth, without bias or pretense, and best of all discretely, without the girl even knowing it..

It is always better to know the real facts, than to blindly follow an enamored heart. Take my advice guys: things may be quite different when you are not there. Thankfully Richard’s team is there as your invisible guardian. Love is grand, getting the wrong girl….is about 20 grand at least….Peace of mind…priceless! Once again Thanks, you saved me!

Respectfully Yours
Scott Bruntjen USA

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